Almería has excellent conditions for this activity. Diving is more than just a fun and highly rewarding activity. Not only can you be amazed by the natural wonders of the depths of the Almería coast, but diving is one of the most relaxing and complete sports that you can do and it has many beneficial effects on your health.

It is an activity that combines sport with entertainment and provides many personal satisfactions to those who practice it, maintaining a good state of physical and mental health. Diving helps to relax the senses. Underwater, you are in direct contact with the environment and isolate yourself from distractions, to the point of hearing only the sound of your own breathing.

Almería, from Pulpí to Adra, offers an extensive range of possibilities for the practice of this activity. Starting with the Cabo de Gata Natural Marine Park to the Posidonia meadows in Roquetas and going through excellent seabed just a few metres from the city.