Do you like sports?
Enjoy it in Almería.

Do you like sports?
Enjoy it in Almería.


Almería is a region located in the southeast of Spain and the most easterly part of Andalusia. During a large period of its contemporary history, especially until late 20th century, it was an isolated territory excluded from the progress of the rest of the country. Perhaps that is the reason why today it is a remarkable place, with its national and natural parks and the large number of natural areas protected for their environmental values.

This uniqueness includes more than 200 kilometres of coastline, with beaches of extraordinary beauty and barely altered by anthropogenic erosion, as well as the only arid desert in Europe. This situation, granted by the fact that it is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, is contrasted by its condition of being a very mountainous region, with mountain ranges that are among the highest in Spain (Sierra Nevada and Sierra Filabres) and four peaks over 2,000 metres high.

Furthermore, the province of Almería is blessed with an excellent weather, as it is the area with the most hours of sunshine per year (annual average temperature of 18.7 degrees Celsius) and the lowest annual rainfall on the European continent.

This allows it to be a unique destination for the practice of all types of outdoor sports and especially for those that take place in the natural environment. In addition to this, Almería has a modern and well-equipped sports facilities complex, which is dynamized and complemented by an attractive calendar of major sporting events.

The region is also well endowed with an extensive hospitality and touristic infrastructure supported, among other strengths, by its more than 16.000 accommodation vacancies.



Almería boasts enormous potential as a sports tourism destination: weather, natural resources, hospitality infrastructure, experience in the management of sports projects and events, etc.

With the aim of promoting this high value of Almería as a sport destination, and with the intention to improve it and place it on the same level as the most competitive areas in Spain in this field, Almería Sports Destination was founded.

The association brings together the most outstanding companies and professionals in the region within the sports and tourism sectors and has been working, since its foundation,

to raise awareness in the country and around the world of the undisputed capabilities of the Almería region to welcome visitors who want to do sport or sportsmen and women who visit it.

Since 2005, when Almería successfully hosted the Mediterranean Games, a social recognition and commitment to sport has emerged, defining the image of the region until it has become one of its hallmarks. For this reason, nowadays there are many reasons that make sports tourists choose the eastern corner of Andalusia as their destination.

Some of those reasons include the following:

  • Sierra Nevada National Park.
  • Natural Parks: Sierra Nevada, Sierra María-Los Vélez and Cabo de Gata-Níjar (one of the few sea-land parks in Spain, with some of the best rated beaches in the country).
  • Natural reserves: Alborán, Punta Entinas, Sorbas Gypsum Karst, Sierra Alhamilla, Albufera de Adra and Castala Park.
  • The only arid desert in Europe.
  • The fourth non-insular province with the largest coastline (217 km).
  • An average annual temperature of 18.7 ºC.
  • Territory with the highest number of daylight hours per year in continental Europe.
  • Golf Courses.
  • Marinas.
  • Greenways.
  • A footpath network that extends throughout the region.
  • A secondary road layout in very good condition and cycle touring routes amounting to more than 1,000 kilometres in total.
  • A wide variety of mountain bike routes, both in the mountains and along the coast.
  • Climbing areas.
  • Via ferratas.
  • Cliffs.
  • Caves and chasms highly recommended for potholing.
  • A coastline and a singular marine depth for scuba diving.
  • Flying areas.
  • A network of modern, multi-purpose sports facilities.
  • Two speed circuits.




Driving Almería as a sports tourism destination together.